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JR Grassby & Lisa Maximenko

Business Development Specialists

J.R. owned a small business in Toronto for 9 years, overseeing all aspects of business, including sales, business development, marketing and financial management. His exceptional networking proficiency led him to being elected as a board member to his local BIA. He effectively collaborated with local business owners and other board members overseeing successful local events and commercial upgrades.  The business closed at the end of the lease term. 

Recognized throughout his career as a strategic problem solver and a confident and articulate communicator who builds strong working relationships.

J.R. has spent the last 25+ years working in the Canadian Film + Television industry as a Project and Production Leader. Driving teams in the development and execution of complex production design projects for industry leading clients.

J.R. is happy to return to the business community, armed with a deep understanding of the emotional and mental complexities of both the buying and selling of businesses.

Lisa is a resourceful Project Leader leading the planning, development and execution of projects for renowned media productions and global brands. Having worked in the Canadian Film + Television industry for over 18 years she has managed cross functional teams throughout the project lifecycle for film, TV and commercial productions.

Her innate ability to coordinate diverse groups of individuals and harness their collective talents has been a driving force behind the success of numerous projects.

One of Lisa’s standout qualities is her exceptional people skills. She possesses a rare ability to connect with individuals at all levels of the industry, fostering an environment of collaboration and camaraderie.

Lisa grew up immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, with parents who ran several successful small businesses. This upbringing instilled a strong foundation of hard work and ingenuity.


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